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Kuukausi: joulukuu 2017

Synaptic Sounds 003

A mix featuring some driving energy, some melancholy, and some ethereal atmospheres. The inspiration came after listening to a bunch of older hardtrance records, which is the atmosphere I was after, but formal genres range from electro to EBM and progressive trance.


Blastromen – Battlenet
Aesthetic Perfection – Pale
Weirdo – Photic Zone
Max & Amino – Off The Wagon
[:SITD:] – Firmament
Nüw Idol – Surrender
Wavegenerator – Mindshift
Space Maneouvres – Stage One (Orkidea remix)
Space Cat – Raver
Kuroshio – Undefined (Overflow-110 remix)
Pop Stream – Fuel Knock
Terror Punk Syndicate – Transhuman Dream


Recorded using 2 turntables, Traktor Scratch Pro and Traktor Kontrol Z2 mixer.

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