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Kuukausi: elokuu 2018

Synaptic Sounds 004

This time a live recording from Aikahattu outdoor party held in Helsinki. My set began during the darkest hour of the night and I finished before daybreak, I tried to capture this moment by transitioning from pitch black and evil to ethereal and hypnotic soundscapes.


Tim Schuldt – Ohm Shiva
Komor Kommando – Moldavia
Hocico – Poisoned And Silenced
Jaïa – Brainstorm (live mix)
Talamasca – Halloween
Elixir – Furious
Alt Anesis – Busy Little Bees
The Infinity Project – Feeling Very Weird (Astral Projection remix)
Spetsnaz – On The Edge (Werkoluks remix)
VNV Nation – Momentum
BlackStarrFinale – Auryn
Xervana – Eye In The Tunnel
Space Tribe – Turn Off Your Mind, Relax, Float Downstream…
Filteria – Earthrise
New Order – Blue Monday (Hardfloor remix)


Recorded using 2 turntables, Traktor Scratch Pro and Traktor Kontrol Z2 mixer.

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